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The Center for Advanced Construction Materials, CACM, of the University of Texas at Arlington is a state-of-the-art interdisciplinary, materials science, civil engineering and mechanics Center, for developing and testing innovative and engineered, smart materials for the infrastructure. The multidisciplinary researchers of CACM advance the knowledge to design, characterize and implement the use of smart and innovative materials, addressing the societal needs of infrastructure materials of the new concepts of construction based on the benefits of the properties at the nanoscale to build structures at the macroscale.

CACM features testing equipment which enables:

  • Design, characterization and implementation of multifunctional nanoengineered materials

  • Evaluation of the electrochemical and chemomechanical phenomena with focus on enhancing durability and sustainability of next generation structural materials

  • Experimental, analytical, computational, multiscale understanding and modeling of fluid to solid transition of infrastructure materials

  • Processing and manufacturing of cementitious and other construction materials

  • Direct experimental observation of dissolution–precipitation reactions and structures at mineral-fluid interfaces
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